Overhead protection

Overhead protection is essential for use on projects that want to start in closing the facade of a building prior to erecting additional levels of a structure.


The Monorail System is capable of lifting material up to 1000 pounds with a chain hoist connected to a beam dolly.


FRSM 8000, 20K, and ACT 8 are all equipped with a hydraulic crane accessory. When mastclimbers are 100% tied into a structure, the use of a FRU crane is a great way to control your material access up to 2,500 pounds.


There are a variety of base connections to choose from. A free standing base can take up to 240 square feet and pedestal bases as little as 4 square feet.


A variety of wall ties are available, including pre-engineered systems by the manufacturer. Keep in mind the structure must handle recommended loads.

Forward Extensions

Forward extension bridging is a great accessory to reach up to 12 feet of a corner return. This can save setting an extra motor unit.